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Stop in to Barnstormers' LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS

Energetic musical numbers, big sound from the ensemble and the Little Shop of Horrors Band, great camp, and a hungry, animated plant make for lots of fun and laughs at Barnstormers Theater. Under the direction of Vincent "Doc" Thompson, Musical Director Steve Toth with choreography by Bruce Wallace, cast and crew present a highly entertaining, darkly comical, sci-fi doo-wop rock musical (book and lyrics by Howard Ashman, Music by Alan Menken) based on Roger Corman's 1960 "B" film The Little Shop of Horrors, with some differences (setting is Skid Row, NYC instead of Skid Row, LA; some characters changes, and the name of the plant is slightly altered), but the plant still has a particular taste for people. Poor downtrodden Seymore Kleyborn (Joey Viola) will do most anything for Audrey, the loveliest blossom in the Skid Row flower shop he toils at, even if that means making sacrifices to keep his magical plant, named Audrey II, supplied with it's favorite food.

Seymore is imbued with tenderness and a clear tenor voice by Joey Viola and Alana Gwynne Shaffer puts much heart and lovely voice into Audrey. Both render their characters very well, as does David Reyne in the role of mean Mr. Mushnik, John A. Mansi III as the demented motorcyclist dentist, Orin Scrivello, D.D. S., and the entire ensemble, who pour their beings into their parts. The delightful song and dance trio made up of Samantha Moscony, Nikee Warren and Jackie Mansi as Crystal, Ronette and Chiffon were delightful. Gregory Schwarz treated the audience to his solo instrumentals, some of which punched up the camp level a few decibels. Much spirit is suffused into the song and dance numbers, such as "Skid Row", "Suddenly Seymour", "Feed Me", "Dentist" and "Somewhere That's Green", and given out to the audience. This group is determined to entertain!

Puppeteered by Greg Murphy, Puppet Master, Edward Kidany, and Gregory Schwarz, the various iterations of Audrey II are spectacular, and are given a distinctly soulful sound by Vincent "Doc" Thompson. A multi-tiered set (J. "Buzz" DiSabatino, Martin Phillips-English and Dan Smith) and lighting (Martin Phillips-English, Designer; Mickey Lincoln, Operator) lend additional visual interest on many levels. Costumes (Vincent "Doc" Thompson, Nanci Smith and cast) are cutely coordinated and include noticeable details that matter.



10/31/23:  Scandinavian Art Show


11/6/23:  Video Art Around The World


11/29/23:  Lecture: History of Art


12/1/23:  Installations 2023 Indie Film Festival

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