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Barnstormers, Inc Hosts Delectable 'Dead to the Last Drop'

Barnstormers, Inc. Hosts Delectable ‘Dead to the Last Drop’

By Lisa Panzer

Getting creamed at Café Caffeine is so much fun, at least for the audience witnessing the wacky crew behind the murder brewing onstage. Any of these quirky characters created by playwright Ken Jones could have done it! Dr. Kildare (Brian Miller), Professor of English, talks a good game in his academic attire and walking cane, but does he have murder on his mind? The waiter, Tully (Theodore J. Kogut), is chock full of corny quips and verbal sallies, however is he really happy serving soup to nuts? Clarice (Julie Lacontora), queen of the magical cappuccino maker, also answers to the nickname “Boots” – depending on who is calling her. Her mysterious phone calls and military outfit seem suspicious, but no one else can make java with the mystical machine. Apriel Ford (Nicole Peirce), the boss, seems all Southern sugar and spice and sure looks nice, except her charm can go South real fast when she’s not getting her way. The southern belle collects and restores old books, and keeps a bookstore as the part of kooky coffee shop. Could she possibly deep-six some body? Apriel’s lovely songstress step-daughter, Miranda De Vere (Sarajane Sein), is appearing live at the café and is “scared to death” but “dying to get started”, however, some say her musical aspirations far exceed her talent – and worse. There’s more stirring here than coffee…

Enter, Robert Ludeski, a.k.a. Robin (Ruth Brittain) who wants to close the book on the case, if only the pages would just stop turning! Ludeski then turns to the audience for investigative input, and the opportunity for lots more hilarity ensues during the interactive question and answer period. This talented, strongly knit cast come up with some fantastic responses, and enjoy the repartee with their interrogators.

The multi-level set (L.J. “Buzz” DiSabatino) gives the actors a great deal of playing space, with the various entrances and exits well utilized through-out the show. Sound (Martin English), lighting (L.J. “Buzz” DiSabatino) and other special effects augment the overall production and help to provide a lively, intriguing atmosphere. The crazy cappuchino machinations are particularly perky!

Director and Chef, L.J. “Buzz” DiSabatino, with Co-Director Martin English and Stage Manager Susan Martin combine skills to provide an entertaining murder mystery event with cabaret style seating, a tasty array of cheesy sandwich appetizers to choose from, meatballs, ‘mac ‘n cheese’, tomato bisque and BYOB. To top it off, an assortment of delicious mini desserts to die for, including Black Forest Mousse, Egg Custard cup, brownies, pecan and blueberry tarts, and more are available for purchase with your ticket, or à la carte from the friendly “Barn Café” folks, Helen Dorn, Jason Bowser, and Mary Jo Pratt.

In the end a show of hands is called for not only to cast your vote for ‘who done it’, but for this coffee house caper’s accomplished cast and crew!

Remaining performances are February 15 and 16 at 8 p.m. For tickets, visit or call 610-461-9969. The Barnstormers Theater is located at 402 Tome St., Ridley Park, PA 19078.



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