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CONSTELLATIONS (Quantum Theatre Group/Wings of Paper) - Cosmic Delight!

Newly formed Quantum Theatre, in collaboration with Wings of Paper Theatre, brilliantly explores the prismatic possibilities of one couple's relationship through a multiverse lense in CONSTELLATIONS by Nick Payne. Set in 77 parallel universes, Kristin Devine as 'Marianne' and Kevin DeJesus-Jones portraying 'Roland' play opposite each other spinning out variegated interactions, exposing strange 'quarks' in their character's relationship, and exploding an array of emotions across an intimate black box stage.

It feels like peeking into a window that holds many worlds, a kaleidoscopic view of romantic twists, tragic turns and a multitude of single moments briefly held out in that space. Roland is a beekeeper, and Marianne is a cosmologist. Both enjoy their jobs. Sometimes things work out well for the couple, in these permutated situational scenarios. At other times not so much. Words often fail to form, other words are hurtful, harboring fault, and there are times when the best communication is done in silence. Connections are made or missed and consequences vary. However, the change in interplay is constant, and mesmerizing.

Payne's play was inspired by "The Fabric of the Cosmos" (2011), a television documentary put forth by reknown physicist Brian Greene author of the book "The Elegant Universe" which covered the concept of a 'multiverse' in which many outcomes are possible. The idea that there are numerous versions of oneself, of loved ones and that each has another plausible reality indeed makes for inumerable potentialities

Kristin Devine and Kevin Dejesus-Jones, co-founders of Quantum Theatre Group, are also engaged to be married. From Roland and Marianne's first meeting - which occurs several times with differing outcomes - the stellar chemistry between the actors is evident. Directed by Adam Maggio, Devine and Dejesus-Jones superbly synchronized transitions on stage are seamlessly executed as together they deftly weave a infinite dance of destinies. The emotion emanating from the stage in Quantum's captivating inaugaral production of CONSTELLATIONS is palpable and persistent. Intricate lighting, by Dr. John Cambridge, assists and augments the show as scene arbiter and mood harbinger. Daniel Ison's solid sound design resonates well within Zach Phaneuf's elegantly uncomplicated set leaving a delicate, yet indelible imprint upon the piece.

The inviting space at the Mayfair Theater, operated by Wings of Paper Theatre, just opened earlier this year on Friday March 15th, 2019 with the production of ALMOST, MAINE by John Cariani. Upon entering the lobby, works of locals artists featuring paintings, sculptures, drawings and other visual arts can be enjoyed as well as a snack bar featuring a variety of goodies and beverages. [Quantum Theatre Group in collaboration with Wings of Paper at Mayfair Black Box Theater, 6243 Frankford Avenue] August 2-17, 2019



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