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Chapel Street Player’s ‘A Christmas Carol: A Live Radio Play’ Summons Holiday Spirit! by Lisa Panzer

Left to right: Steve Connor and Nicole C. Peirce. Photo by Peter Kuo

Most are familiar with the story of Scrooge, whose hard heart is set to rights by visitations from three ghosts, Christmas Present, Christmas Past and Christmas Future. As directed by Brian M. Touchette, Charles Dickens’ classic tale, adapted for stage by Joe Landry, is delightfully performed as a live staged radio show. Doubly fun due to the dual nature of it being both a radio and stage production, the combined talents of actors Richard J. Cohen, Steve Connor, Judith A. David, Franklin Newton, Nicole C. Peirce with Walt Osborne also on piano and Joseph Pukatsch’s animated live action sound effects evince enthusiasm and bring forth holiday cheer!

Set circa 1946 at the WBFR studio in NYC, the wonderfully period attired players deftly give voice to multiple characters upon a stage dressed for Christmas in sporting ‘40s style featuring a decorated tree, lights, wreaths and the omnipresent ‘On Air’ and ‘Applause’ prompts displayed prominently above an entrance door. Entertainingly done old time commercial breaks promoting a local department store’s offerings, soap, and fruitcake that is available in five and ten pound packages further enliven the evening. You might even win an extra-fancy fruitcake too if you hold a lucky ticket! Zany interactions between the sparkling cast during ‘off air’ scenes, beautifully balanced live music (Walt Osbourne), and the absolute fun of witnessing sound effects being made with panache (Joseph Pukatsch) take you back in time while making you feel right at home and warmly, with charm and cheer, remind us to honor Christmas in our hearts, and try to keep it all the year…

‘A Christmas Carol: A Live Radio Play’

Directed by Brian M. Touchette

From the novella by Charles Dickens Adapted for the stage by Joe Landry Music by Kevin Connors Chapel Street Players

27 N. Chapel Street

Newark, DE19711

Runs through to December 16, 17, 18 @ 8pm

Approximate running time 1 hour, 50 minutes with one 10 minute intermission

For tickets go to or call 302-368-2248




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